A Simple Solution for Acne Scars

Acne remains on the mind long after the condition is conquered. The pitting and lines left behind in the skin from severe acne breakouts are something many people lived with for their entire lives. That may no longer be necessary thanks to products designed to help erase wrinkles. Today there are alternatives for people that no longer want to spend the time and money on ineffective chemical peels or worry about the potential scarring with laser resurfacing. With dermal fillers, these people now have a faster and more effective solution.

How Fillers Work

Fillers are cosmetic injectables that are approved by the FDA that contain either collagen or hyaluronic acid. The product is injected into the areas where there are depressions (either from a wrinkle or a scar) and fill the depression for a smoother and more even skin texture. The improvement is immediate and the side effects are typically only a small amount of bleeding and swelling at the injection site. A topical anesthetic reduces the discomfort of the injection and an ice pack afterward helps to reduce swelling.

Who They Help

Fillers are acceptable for use in nearly everyone, unlike many forms of scar-reduction treatments. They are useful for males and females of any age and any skin tone. The most impressive results usually are with people that have severe scarring or wrinkles. The improvements typically last for several months but can remain for up to a year before the cosmetic fillers are absorbed by the body. Research has shown that avoiding sun exposure can help to lengthen the effectiveness of the fillers. Some people may need to have more than one round of injections to achieve the desired result.

Where to Go

For Cosmetic Fillers and Injectables Board Certified Dermatologist offices are the only place to go. Many spas and salons offer this service, but the risk of an unhappy result is higher when the injections are done incorrectly. Possible risks include infection, lumps or overfilling of the depressions and allergic reactions. Only a dermatologist will screen the patient properly and review their medical history to make certain this is a safe solution for them.

Injectables are an option for anyone that wants smoother skin immediately. The length of time it takes to receive the injections depends on the size of the area treated and the severity of the depressions. Most appointments, from start to finish, are completed in about 30 minutes. There is no downtime needed for recovery, so lunchtime appointments are common.

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